meditation posters    

meditation posters

These posters are made specifically for meditating.

Instructions: Look into the Zen Master's eyes while meditating. Looking into the eyes of this poster is similar to looking at your own eyes in a mirror - you are alone with yourself.

Commentary: I will not hear your thoughts, desires or fears; I will not even know if you are looking at the poster or not. Nor will you hear me. I will not talk to you or give you blessings. The poster will not talk to you either. Anything you encounter is probably coming from yourself.

zen master bunny rabbit meditation poster 1

Two Meditation Posters

Size of colour poster: 59 x 70 cm (23.4 x 27.7 inches)

Size of black & white poster: 42 x 59 cm (16.5 x 23.4 inches)

Both posters for $51.00 USD  (includes free shipping worldwide 3 - 10 days, with tracking)

zen master bunny rabbit meditation poster 2

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