Sharing THE QUIET WOW EXPERIENCE since 9 October, 1999

photo of zen master avatar prem anadi bunny rabbit the third garden variety

The Quiet Wow Experience and Zen Master Bunny Rabbit at play in their New Zealand office, Spring 2013.

I would like to share The Quiet Wow Experience with you.
Consider this to be your personal invitation to join me in The Quiet Wow Experience.
I am an excellent host, even if I do say so myself.

Would you like to know more about The Quiet Wow Experience?
Excellent, I am excited to hear that.

I will start by suggesting that you may already be acquainted with The Quiet Wow Experience.
It is possible that there is something inside of you that feels something
when you read the phrase "The Quiet Wow Experience". 
It is even possible that there is something inside of you that recognises The Quiet Wow Experience.
Perhaps you have had a personal experience,
a moment that you might describe as That Quiet Wow Moment.

And that would be totally awesome.
Yep, totally awesome!
Yes, that is why I made the phrase up.
Yeah, just now, I made it up.

You see, I don't want to describe anything to you that you do not already know.
What is the good of that?
How can that have any meaning to you?
And if you don't know something of it already; if it has no personal meaning to you,
then I would be committing that crime -
the crime of asking you to believe in something.
And I refuse to commit that crime.

Rather, I am inviting you to bring your awareness to something.
Actually, I am inviting you to be a true scientist;
and to really know The Quiet Wow Experience for yourself.
But why?
Why this invitation if you already have an inkling of awareness?

Because I am a really nice guy, that is why.
I am a nice guy who thinks there is a chance that you are a nice guy too.
But I can't figure out why such a nice guy like yourself is snubbing your true friend.
No, no, no, you are not ignoring me;
you are ignoring The Quiet Wow Experience.

Dude, The Quiet Wow Experience is your devoted friend,
a real friend like your dog or cat or your neighbour's tree!
And hey, when was the last time the two of you had a good play together?
The Quiet Wow Experience has told me it even kind of misses you,
and wants nothing more than to share another moment with you.
You know, there might even be a bit of love between you and The Quiet Wow Experience.
That is right, love.

But I don't want you to take my word for it.
Instead, I invite you to join me in The Quiet Wow Experience
and know for yourself.

That is right pal, I think you are far too nice of a guy to be
ignoring a true friend on purpose - hence my invitation.
I am inviting you to join me in The Quiet Wow Experience.
I am an excellent host, even if I do say myself.

Oh, and I have mentioned to you that The Quiet Wow Experience can be rather loud at times, haven't I?
Oh Shit.
Well, I have now.

Zen Master Avatar Prem Anadi Bunny Rabbit The Third, garden-variety